Preserving water quality in the port of Roanne is a daily commitment. Contact the harbour master’s office for details of the services available for collecting your bilge water, wastewater etc.



  • Do not discharge used oil into the water or the sanitation network!
  • Service your boat engine and have it inspected regularly.
  • Clean the bottom of your bilges and use special biodegradable products.
  • Install filters to separate pollutants from the boat’s bilge water, changing the filter cartridge when it is saturated.
  • Give preference to environmentally-friendly products (certified paints, maintenance and bodily hygiene products etc.).
  • Wash cars and boats using a brush rather than cleaning products.
  • Read product labels and give preference to products that are more than 90% biodegradable.
  • Do not wash or paint boats or any other objects within the port.
  • Do not discharge bilge water containing hydrocarbons, oils and metal residues into the port! 



Discharging wastewater (black or grey water) directly into the port is PROHIBITED.

On the quayside, you can use the toilet blocks and facilities provided.

Washing crockery or clothes on the pontoons is PROHIBITED!